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Alas Palestine!

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Till now,
They haven't seen this naked world,
They haven't known the human greed,
They haven't learnt the mystery of life and death,
They haven't understood the religion and racism,
They haven't taught a letter from the alphabet,
They are still innocent children.

Till now,
They haven't seen the colors of life,
They haven't known the truth and lie,
They haven't learnt earth and ocean,
They haven't understood why walls on border.
They haven't taught to speak of freedom.
They are still innocent children.

But see, they are dying,
your deadly weapon don't miss them,
Don't forget to take their lives,

Have you seen,
What a thirst to see the around in their dead eyes!
How much wonders in their speechless mouth!
How many dreams cry out in those beat less hearts!
How many spring waiting to touch those bloodless hands!
How many miles to walk away with those torn legs!

You will never see,
Their fathers, mothers, kith and keen everyday,
Crying and cursing, that never reached to you.
Alas Palestine! How many dead child you will bear!
Alas Israel! How much young blood you will need!
Alas people! How many dead generations to wake you up!

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 August 2009

They will not listen.The hatred has been injected to their veins since ages.

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dr veenaa rai 31 July 2009

the unheard cries of war are being heard now...u penned it so beautifully..

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Will Barber 29 July 2009

Secretary of State George C. Marshall told Harry Truman, sixty years ago, that he should not recognise Israel. Marshall was the wisest man of his generation, and not just on that subject. A passionate poem, indeed. Longtime enemies come to resemble each other.

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sara }i{ 28 July 2009

yah......i cant agree more what can i say! ! ! ........more than amazing i really cant thank you enough for reading this poem

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But see, they are dying, your deadly weapon don't miss them, Don't forget to take their lives, dying for nothing...only homeland they want that too peaceful living....10

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Matt Mooney 27 August 2009

'They have'nt seen the colour of life'- their blood is on the hands of the free world still. The onslaught should have been stopped before so many young lives were needlessly destroyed. Your poem is an excellent one on this subject which pained us so much while we had to stand idly by at a distance. Maybe their people will have their own Palestine state all to themselves in peace soon so that they can live normal lives and rear their children to maturity.The free world should see to it.

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Anthony Edmond John 10 August 2009

The Truth in its full context.. nice creative Work My brother..Cheers. The Sage

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Surya . 06 August 2009

wonderful poem with poigant question to all world citizens.voted10 surya

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Shefali Saini 05 August 2009

this is a very sentimental poem..and very thoughtful

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Dana Amer 03 August 2009

Such an ammazing poem, it means the world to me because im from Palestine, & its so touching to feel such sympathy from others for whats happening in the childrens` daily honored to read it, thank you...

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