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Every sphere of our life,
We try to keep balance,
When there is an imbalance,
There is a disaster,
Economics, politics, sports,
Culture, society, family,
Every where the balance theory.
But this balance...imbalance theory,
Driving us to our extinct,
We never feel, never understand,
But we are changing daily,
Turning into monster from man,
Becoming unknown to ourselves.
Yap, When we balance,
Our morality with reality,
Then we loose our individuality,
Then we walk ahead to the dark,
We forget our own,
And become a new man,
greedy, lusty, nasty man.
Please don't balance it,
Leave this imbalance,
And be a real man of honor....

Riv Angeles 17 August 2009

Ahhhhh. Equilibrium and how there is none in modern society. I did not look at things that way. Message is really something I did not expect. If I might, though, you can choose to word it more delicately. A bit more figures of speech. Some flurry/fluff. But bravo, you have shown me some new paradigm that I will surely think about for days.

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Joseph Poewhit 17 August 2009

Life and nature balance in the long run.

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Mubeen Sadhika 17 August 2009

Well thought. Nicely narrated.

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Saadat Tahir 16 August 2009

very nice and philosopkical.... its a libra thing...horoscopes say so but well written and deals with an inportant subject...maybe i lll come back for4 a comment later cheers

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Dibakar Sarkar 16 August 2009

Well written. Send me the link once you have written another.

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Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 18 August 2009

True to life, the reality is being said!

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Travis Johnson 17 August 2009

very very deep. im feeling that

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Kumud Biswas 17 August 2009

It is a poem on a serious theme and it is thought provoking - the predicament of modern man. I enjoyed it greatly.

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Siddharth Singh 17 August 2009

If it wouldn't be for imbalance, you would never know the importance of balance. Nicely written.

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Beker john 17 August 2009

this is life, , , it's between balance and imbalance well penned thanks for sharing 10

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