Kavita 17 - Separation Poem by Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Kavita 17 - Separation

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Let me say a few words just for your ears
If you pause a little, we could meet too

My life has come to a standstill, haunted by
My memories, since when I know not

You have left, singing to me a tune of love
Leaving me mad of my love for you.

One desire I still have, unquenched
My wish to be with you remains unfulfilled

I have wept in you love, how long
Many nights have I spent without sleep.

You are the cause of my tears and smile too
As if caused a fire in the water

I yearn to speak to you for a life time
But our meeting never could occur until now

My heart longs for you, couldn't it contain…
Despite best efforts, I couldn't forget you…

This is a translation of the poem Judai by KAVITA SINGH
Thursday, January 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak
Translation of the poem JUDAAI by Ms Kavita Singh
Varsha M 16 February 2021

Sir this is beautiful. I could feel the pain it encaptivate. The emotions thst abound and the psin thst is quenching. Thank-you sir for translating.

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Rini Shibu 13 June 2017

Well translated.. very tough for heart to go through the pain of judai and it's expressed well in this poem

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Unnikrishnan E S 13 June 2017

Hi Rini, It is really nice for you read this one. As you know Hindi quite well you could read Kavita's poem as well., Good! I value your comment more, because of that.. Thank you..

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Bharati Nayak 01 February 2017

It is such a beautiful gem of poem- - - - Pain and anguish of heart on being separated from beloved is so nicely expressed.I will surely read Kavita Singh's poem.- - - - - - and a sure 10+++ for your marvelous translation..

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Unnikrishnan E S 01 February 2017

Thank you Bharati. I thank you on behalf of Kavita too..Her original poem Judaai is such a marvel, you should read.. Thanks again...

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Nosheen Irfan 27 January 2017

The pain of loss is very well expressed. Love is a powerful emotion. Failure in love is not easy to forget. Very heart touching write. A10

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Unnikrishnan E S 27 January 2017

Hi Nosheen, Quite true. This is an excellent poem. As you said very touching. And the entire credit goes to Kavita, No Doubt..

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Sister Frances 26 January 2017

I am really enjoying Ms Singh''s work well translated. You have really preserved that melancholy of this love poem :)

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Unnikrishnan E S 26 January 2017

Thank you Frances for the comment. The original poem by Kavita is really a gem; but I doubt whether I have been able to capture its beauty here. Thank you very much Fances for the encouragement which, in fact is due to Kavita and i shall convey it to her...

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Unnikrishnan E S 26 January 2017

Hi Frances, Learn Hindi, so you could read the original. That one is far better poetry..

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Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

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