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Killing The Ravens - Prologue: The Green Wizard Must Die(Revised) - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Fortunes told of the wizard of the green
Dead so it seems
But is he really?
An elaborate hoax.
With wisdom the poison will be swallowed
An apprentice so silly
With squandered powers on which he chokes
A destiny will be made.

As his eyes turned black he spoke coldly, 'Victims are we all, and this is the way it must be.' He motion towards himself, and this green mist poured out as if it was coming from his body. Of the hundred soldiers that surrounded him, none survived past this moment. They all dropped dead instantaneously. All that was left was a tiny bit of flesh and bone that littered the ground where the soldiers once stood. What nobody was realizing that while he was speaking he was casting a spell. So when he broke the bottle it would not kill him too. And it did not he survived it but nobody knew it. And they were no witnesses, just an after account, an report of the bodies being found. And it said the wizard was one of them.

This moment in time is known as the death of the green wizard. This marked the end of a long drawn out war, that has been going on for more then 30 years. The insurmountable losses were unknown in this time. Estimates have been guessed to be in the millions. This included all races the most vile and evil creatures known of existence. Some think their death s should not be not included but none the less to give an accurate account all must be counted.

Some of the vile creatures included Dank, The Berlock, and Arknoids. They stole many lives, in hell of a flurry attack. This was called evils night. Not a lot records exist of it because of how much was destroyed. How did people survive? Can we say magic, luck, and a blessing from some higher power? Why say something we are not certain of? Why give a name to an unknown idol?

Its kind like asking for the name of the soldiers as individuals. Where did they come from? How did they get there? Will one ever know?

I'm dead, I had to die as the green wizard did to stop and ultimately end a war. Tell me if you had that kind of power and influence you would not put upon a fake and very elaborate death. A non existence life is sometime a better one anyways. Now I know what I did was unpleasant to most. Some would probably go as far as saying killing all those soldiers was unnecessary an a abuse of my power. But before you judge those soldiers were generals who killed more innocents then I care to count. With no leniency to any men, women, and even children died at their merciless hands. I watched them burn both towns and cities alike all for my power. I could do nothing to them for if I did I would have endangered those I swore to protect. They were suppose to be meeting me for plans to overthrow ash, but obviously they never wanted that or they were to afraid of ash because how powerful and ruthless he was, they figured me to be the weaker one, the one that wouldn't kill unless he absolutely had to. Well I kind of did, there wasn't much choice. But I did know that before hand, though they didn't I know, I already knew.

How do you kill soldiers who are raiding a city without hurting the civilians with in? It's a difficult task by itself. Add upon that they held my family and friends hostage. If they were all in one place it would make what I have to do now easy. But that's not the case. None would be grouped together for fear of my retaliation. They were afraid of me more then I was them obviously. Now the true leader is still alive. A wizard like me, pretending to be an adviser of royalty pulling and manipulating all there strings. I don't blame him for that. If he lied in the open like me. I would have killed him long ago. Their has been too many attempts on my life was by his ill forgotten hand.

Now with me dead I could move about as I please. Walk through areas I otherwise I could not. I have many enemies. Of them quite few were mere assassins. They lived it and breath it. Any opportunity they would take it.
For it was a pay check. It put food in their mouths, cloths on their back.
It is what I would call a very dangerous cat and mouse game.

The town of Bernard is just in the edge of a gallant river which borders the Noradic Kingdom. It is a logging town surrounded by farm land as far as the I can see. It is small and quaint yet very crowded. In the center its house upon house and shop upon shop for a good 5 blocks then it spreads out into manufacturing landscape. Production from the farms, then to the manufacturer, then to the shops and homes.

One might I ask why I'm here? Well because my soon to be apprentice home is here. News is also of good value here. What has happen, and
who it happened to. But lets go back first for a moment. We are skipping a very important part of the story.

A rider approached where the incident occurred a day ago. He was galloping in a hurry. He got thrown from his horse when first came across what was left the bodies. He didn't expect so many I don't think. He hopped down off his and pulled out an amulet that was putting off a strange glow. The amulet was made golden chain that attached to silver like metal that encased a blue cut gem. This device was ancient and rare device developed for one reason. To find wizards, it would only work if I was alive and near. By near I mean within a hundred miles, of this area. It was suppose to be specifically tuned to me. Meaning it was suppose find the green wizard and nobody else. How do I know this? Well because I tuned it myself to not find me, but to find a wizard that was already dead. That tuning was complicated process, it required me to hunt multiple rare scrolls with special incantations on them, and it required both something important from the wizard and his blood. Which made things interesting, who knew it was going to be so easy acquiring an already dead wizards blood. But finding the wizard blood that is another story for another time.

If I wouldn't have tuned it, it would have went off whenever any person with magical powers was in the area. We couldn't have them thinking I was still possibility alive. I even planted a dead corpse that was stabbed by the general magically enchanted sword. I dressed him a green robe, put rare staff in hands. It was one that drew its energy directly from the earth. It was too bad, but such sacrifices were necessary. I needed them to think I was dead. Hopefully they wouldn't try to kill the prisoners right aways.
Or my plan would soon be discover and ash would be extremely pissed off.

Anyways the amulet was to go solid white if there a wizard around. It didn't and after this small man with the amulet circled the area three times he hopped back on the horse and speed off. It looked like he was taking a count of the bodies. Like he knew exactly how many should be there. Good thing I acquired that corpse I guess, or we would be back where we were before. I don't know if I could pull that off a second time. Nor do I think I want to.

I'm sure your wondering what exactly I used to kill them. It wasn't wizard magic believe or not, it was a potion. Alchemy is a powerful magic all by itself no wizard needed. That mist was a form of concentrated rare poison, it was like an acid upon the entire body. The only reason I didn't die is I cast a wind wall spell before I shattered the bottle. The mist couldn't reach my body. The mist was instant death to anything it touched. I wasn't sure it was going to reach far enough but it did. I guess I will eventually have to get to explaining the nature of magic. But for now I will hold off it is not the time to be teaching others the way of wizards just yet.

This potion I kept in a clear magically reinforce vial. It was clear so I knew which one it was. This poisonous liquid look like white water, with a glowing pink flower in the middle trying to escape. It was a mix of multiple deadly flower extracts, bone meals, animals blood, among many other things. To reveal the exact combination, is to reveal an apprentice hard work. Alchemy is art, a science, and to learn the secrets is both unfair and not right. In time I reveal some of the secrets but again not just yet.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This I first started writing a while back, figured I revise it I added six paragraphs to it. If I think of more I need to add to it I will. If you find errors please let me know. Because I am by far not the perfect writer. In fact I'm a novice with a lot of ideas and not enough words.


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