Kindness (Children)

Rating: 5.0

A stork built on the roof a nest,
he had just recently been blessed
with what he called his feathered dream:
Long legs, a beak of crimson cream
and eyes to melt a stony heart.

His nest turned out a piece of art,
he anchored it to sturdy bricks
with leaves and boysenberry sticks.
Soon, junior saw the light of day
he happily began to play.

Since even little storks have legs
that, once they've left their crowded eggs,
can make light work of scary heights
and thus provide some awesome sights,
so junior took a step due East,
he wasn't frightened in the least.

His foot now reached the chimney's hole
where smoke arose from burning coal.
His eyes went teary, also blind
a gusty wind came from behind
and then he went, heels over head
into the chimney, nearly dead.
He landed with a bang and yell
in glowing ashes, thinking hell
had welcomed him and he assumed
that in this place he sure was doomed.

The man who was just eating lunch
looked over and he had a hunch,
that something living had descended
and that his peaceful meal had ended.
He grabbed the stork and ran outside
while yelling to his sleepy bride,
together they sprayed from the hose
much water from the pressure rose
until the stork took one deep breath
as now he knew he'd cheated death.

Right then, a worried, huge white bird
flew off the roof without a word.
He had assessed the situation
and did not want a confrontation.
He thanked the couple, then he turned,
trailed by the moderately burned
and nervous junior when the man
said, 'Stork, I wonder if you can
repay our helpfulness in kind
I'll tell you what I have in mind.
My wife has been on I V F
yet all the gods must well be deaf,
we've tried for years to have a boy
with hormones and extract of soy.

The stork conferred with his own wife
and since they'd saved their junior's life
they did their magic in their nest,
and when the wind blew from the West
they dropped into the bed at night
a little boy to their delight.

Each year thereafter one new bird
was born up on that roof, my word.
And always in the nursery
soon after there again would be
a brand new child, as to remind
that it is godly to be kind.

Gina Onyemaechi 08 June 2006

LOL. Heartwarming stuff. Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui, mon cher Herbs? G.

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Esther Leclerc 08 June 2006

Herbert, this is magic on every level. Thank you for the sweet beauty of lovingkindness expressed! Esther : ]

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Mary Nagy 08 June 2006

Adorable story Herbert! And with a heartwarming message of kindness.......what more could you ask for? I hope you let me know if you ever put your childrens poems to book. The illustrations could be beautiful with this one! Great poem, thanks for steering me to it! :) Sincerely, Mary

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Herbert Nehrlich1 08 June 2006

Computer safe now. French rusty. When you have time. And, merci. H

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Gina Onyemaechi 08 June 2006

Alors, c'est dommage. Si tu veux en parler, tu sais ou me trouver. Je t'embrasse. G.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 08 June 2006

Merci, je suis médiocre. H

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