Ladders And Bundles~ Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Ladders And Bundles~

Rating: 4.9

We all saw it as a wave of the future
With the hope that peace and love would come to pass
Little did we know - that the tides would be altered
Life - like loose change - coming all too fast;

Love and goodness and forgiveness and mercy
Disappeared in all but a blink of an eye
Giving birth to unrest and cruelty - greed trailing right behind
Bringing a deluge of rain in a once clear cobalt blue sky;

It was much easier for them to be cruel than courteous
To practice curses and evil spells
Then to form a closer relationship with our creator
To climb ill begotten ladders that ALWAYS ring the proverbial bell;

It was much easier to be hurtful and lash out
To gain the control over others with the use of illegal drugs
Connections from the UK to the Spanish Moss next door
The world - a connect the dot circle of button hole thugs;

Sewn up all too easy for the conscienceless
Who's sadism has destroyed most love and trust of this day
Their bullets flying everywhere - households now ramparts
An arsenal of AK -47's and handguns having their way;

Violence has all but blotted out all goodness & mercy
As the angry paranoid voice behind the pulpit not worships war
Compassionless harpies victimizing all of us 'bundled' familes
So many purely evil to their very core;

It's a changed Bill hurting Darrell and his loved ones
The old crone Sonja laying her cursed voodoo down
It's a wave of the future day
Praying for a new wave of poetic justice to come 'round;

Thus making them all accountable for all of their unjust acts
Finally filing charges that that were needed long ago
For this is no: Land Of Enchantment nor North Star Joe
WE ARE the once peaceful-loving family the world had come to know;

**For it really has come down to this -
The good guy - bad guy scenario
They still may circulate in numbers in this canned heat
But they all own ladders with no where left to go! ! ! ! ! ! ! .

**** Don't Hold Your Breath Sonja! ! !
We are always informed about you! ! !
Cold, aloof and indifferent - dogged to a fault - -
Borderline arrogance and stupidity...describes you.
Amazes us all who watch you continue to push your rotten to the core luck. You are an ugly, ugly soul. You now have many readers and no they are not your friends... but our allies.

By, Theodora Onken

September 1,2013

Dedicated to the electrician of New Mexico, Sonja, the witch and their circle of cronies.
Adeline Foster 27 September 2013

Interesting concept for a poem. Read mine - Last Rung on Your Ladder - Adeline

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Joseph Narusiewicz 06 September 2013

Wow! there are rotten souls and collectors....

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Theodora Onken 04 September 2013

Thank you Patricia for taking the time to read this non-fiction -true story. The world is now full of people who often form circles - cabals - motivation - usually greed... and victimizing others in a most brazen fashion. Most of them with legitimate jobs - but with this dishonest side. It grieves me to speak about this as it has gone on for so long. Putting it all together fianlly has been a long time coming - but when you want to get all the players it takes a while. I often wonder where all of the love, mercy, compassion and caring went. Today many find it easier to victimize and do unspeakable things - it is really upsetting to find so many who seem to be totally devoid of conscience. As humans - none of us are perfect - but at least we eventually learn by our mistakes and work on changing ourselves for the better. In my journey of change - the last 27 years - i began a closer walk with God and believe that i owe Him all of the credit for finally getting the answers that we have needed for so long. It would take too long to go into detail about what has been done to us. Just suffice it to say - that the truth is stranger than fiction - and our story - would make a great move. I have read the poems of yours you suggested. They are wonderful... You are truly in touch with this sorry state of affairs in ur world today.

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Patricia Grantham 04 September 2013

The world is in a bad state of affairs. What happened to love, mercy, peace, caring, sharing? If we don't all come together and live as one then it will not get any better. A thought provoking write my friend. I have a poem called Peace and the Porch. Please take a look when you get time.

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