Wil-O-The-Wisp Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken


Rating: 3.2

Enchanted Wil-O-The Wisp Wanderer
You cannot escape his sea-blue
Eyes View
For set in water they are
Upon this beautiful form
Of You
Cladden In White Chantilly Lace
A flowing gown of floral crochet
But somewhat sheer in certain light
Seen in his eye near the bay
You walk along the sands O' time
Upon the shorelines
Passing Scene
O' enchanted Wil-O-The-Wisp Wanderer
You are the woman of his dreams
His sea of blue eyes come calling
Beckoning you away from the shore
Perhaps, anew, A Mermaid borne
And a Wil -O- The- Wisp Wanderer
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Lawrence S. Pertillar 27 June 2007

This 'creation' sparkles with much light and hopefulness. My favorite line...'His sea of blue eyes come calling...Beckoning you away from the shore perhaps' VERY nice. Ms T...you are something else!

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Susan Lacovara 15 November 2013

Soulfully and skillfully constructed...enticing me to stroll along the shoreline with you. Beautiful. PEACE

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Theodora Onken 06 September 2007

Duncan, Thank you so much my dear man! Hugs, Theo

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Duncan Wyllie 05 September 2007

There is so many profound words and so much structure to this one, very well pieced Thankyou Theodora Love duncan X

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 27 June 2007

Just like my eyes.. sea of blue but this poem is beautiful really beautiful work theodora...10

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Theodora Onken 27 June 2007

Why thank you L. Your not bad yourself! In fact you are AWESOME! T.

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