Ladies Complain Poem by David Darbyshire

Ladies Complain

Rating: 3.4

The Men go out and Hunt for Food
Women stay home and make there Brood
Then the men come back in a good Mood
Only to get, both ears Chewed! !

So then things Change, and the women hunt for a Meal
And all their men stay home and Invent the Wheel
Then the women come back with the Food
To find there men in a real good Mood

So either way the women will Complain
About men's cocks and having no Brains
Maybe someday this will all End
And all women will be our best Friend

Patricia Gale 13 February 2006

Do you think either shall stop the complaining, ever? HAHA Cute write. Patricia

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Jessy Sanchez 28 February 2008

your poem is good i guess

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kAy BaRCeLon 16 August 2007

REALLY! ? ! ? ! ? ! Most men complain more than women do... Dave! ! ! ooopppppssss sorry men whine! ! ! hahaha

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Dee Daffodil 25 April 2006

Careful almost sound like you belong in the 'He-Man Women Hater's Club'! ! (LOL)

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Ernestine Northover 13 March 2006

I don't know if men could hunt for food now somehow, I think they've lost a lot of their animal hunting instincts, everything is 'ready made' meals now, and I'm not a complainer really, I'll put up with most things that are thrown at me, even the male ego won't get too inflated if I have my way. Ha! Ha! Nice write. Love Ernestine XXX

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Gina Onyemaechi 13 February 2006

An end to our nagging? Dream on, darling, dream on! ! : -) Luv, Gina XXX.

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