Lament Of A Crucified Heart Poem by Deep Mukherjee

Lament Of A Crucified Heart

Rating: 4.1

Mind - an enigma;
To decipher the code
The code of deception! !

Words - an enigma;
A precarious polymorphism
A mutable chameleon! ! !

Lurking amid darkness;
Behind the face of angel
The eyes of apocalypse! !

Deceit of your advent
Deceit of your freedom
A deceit - long figured up! ! !

A silken bond of trust
Torn apart by the dagger
Again again and again! !

Confined in the void;
Amid the world of your lies
I'm losing my grasps again! ! !

In this game of shadows
And this road of desolation;
I will always be the haunted one! !

Go easy on my conscience
Pain flowing through my veins
You are the drug to ease the pain! ! !

Mind - an enigma;
You are the undeciphered code
The code of salvation! !

Words - an enigma;
Utter those three words again
Three words of rejuvenation! ! !

Alicia Meyers 26 January 2012

Great :) I like it. A very good write.

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Deep Mukherjee 25 January 2012

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! ! ! !

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(De Va) 17 January 2012

This is very well written, I find myself so drawn into your words...great write..blessings

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Ashley Palladino 17 January 2012

thank u its a good poem i can relate to it but not to much to say about it

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Sylvia Carter 17 January 2012

This is an interesting concept that you share Of Loving someone despite them causing you're heart pain. Most if not of mankind long for those three word that does push us forward om our journey. Thank you so very mush for sharing my fellow poet.

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Deveshi Debi 06 July 2012

a potent mix of keats and hardy...

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Sujina Sudhakar 02 February 2012

Wow! Its a great poem! i loved it...... :) You have a good future in poetry.

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Crisa Earley 31 January 2012

This one is very deep as well. It kept me interested, kind of trance like. Once you start reading it you want to finish. excellent form.

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Nivedita Moitra 30 January 2012

The poem's an inspiration

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Dave Walker 26 January 2012

A fantastic poem, really like it. Great write.

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