Perception Poem by Deep Mukherjee


Rating: 4.8

Seconds, minutes, hours, and day
Like grains of golden sand
Phew! ! they creep away!
And I am made to understand
What are left are delusions
A false hope of redemption
A dark unfathomed tide
Of interminable pride
In the vicinity of the false 'God'
The world worships love and lust;
What rises above are the ashes
And what left scattered to dust;
Regret sets in like a parasite
It stings deep and long
Yet the heartbeats keep going on
Breaking down but standing strong....

Salema Khatun 10 January 2012

a very nice flow in the poem good poem..indeed i like the my poem you may like them tooo

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Deep Mukherjee 10 January 2012

@Salema thank you very much; but your poem is really outstanding; an idea of an idea.....cann't express how much i liked it! ! ! !

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Prachi Agrawal 10 January 2012

a very true fact of life..........

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Deep Mukherjee 10 January 2012

Thank you for your acknowledgement! ! ! !

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Dave Walker 11 January 2012

A very strong poem. Outstanding. A great write.

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~Deana ~ Dotterweich 02 February 2012

Very beautiful and well written. :)

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Celia Hinojosa 29 January 2012

I really love this poem because I think it's one of your best! ! ! :)

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Amy Lalala 18 January 2012

I Love this! strong and to the point but still with grace!

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Deep Mukherjee 16 January 2012

Thanks a lot! ! ! ! I am pleased that you liked my work! ! ! ! :)

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Christian Rivera 16 January 2012

Well written indeed. Please feel free to comment/rate/criticize my work as well.

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