A Piece Of Paper Poem by Deep Mukherjee

A Piece Of Paper

Rating: 4.6

A void piece of paper
Void like an echo
Echo - reflected by the wall
Wall - perceived as 'Wall of silence'
Silence; a gift of eternal solitude!
Solitude savoured by the lonely heart;
Heart - the Heaven of perpetual rapture
Rapture - ressuracted by words!
Words written on the piece of paper;
A void piece of paper! ! !

Aditi Dutta 29 January 2012

i like the short and crisp poetry

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Claudia Krizay 30 January 2012

Love it! ! Solitude is an eternal gift! ! ! ! !

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Rosmin Elsa Mohan 30 January 2012

really nice Deep! ! 10++

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(De Va) 31 January 2012

I really liked this poem, the style is good....and it is deep, as your name...blessings

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Crisa Earley 31 January 2012

I liked this one; however, it seemed to be more of a list rather than a poem. If thats the way you had intended it to be then very good!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2019

A nice void of piece of paper carries deep emotion and expression of mind in written form. Words written here carry our voice of love, emotion and perception. This poem is excellently penned.10

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Aung Si 18 October 2012

Heart - the Heaven of perpetual rapture Silence; a gift of eternal solitude! I appreciate especially these verses.Well done! ! ! !

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Rainbow Princess 17 July 2012

it very nice i really like it

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Wahab Abdul 05 February 2012

What a nice poem is it! Nice words have been used in the poem. The quality of the poem is in its flow, the texture of the poem is knitted well, the theme is fantastic, a very good image has been created.The another quality of the poem is its mystic music. It is a great poem.I like the poem; I enjoyed it while reading too. I am giving you 100/100..Keep it up. And at last I like to thank you for sharing this superb poem among us.

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Rachelle Firman 04 February 2012

you are a very tallented poet and a very inpired one at that keep writting and one day you'll find the answers to your problem

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