Larger Than Life Itself Poem by James Lee Watts

Larger Than Life Itself

Rating: 5.0

Oh my god, she blows my mind,
She beautiful and gorgeous; she’s one of a kind,
She can mould and manipulate me,
Into whatever she may please or desire,
She’s the one that sets my heart on fire,
There’s just something about her; but what could it be?

She brushes straight past and gives me a glance,
And spins my heart into a raging trance,
It comes up into my mouth and I try to swallow it again,
But my heart longs for her in such a fashion,
That I lust for her with such a passion,
Surely she knows it; but just puts me through pain,

When I see her my heart rings like a bell,
But deep down I know she’s putting me through hell,
On my heart her name is burned,
However I go back and ask for more,
I need to know…just to make sure,
That my love for her will never be returned.

Peter A. Crowther 16 January 2005

Heck, James! You've got it! Takes me back a few lifetimes. Great!

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Lare Austin 10 January 2005

Oh how very true, James. Yes...this is what life, in its many ways, in its many times, teaches us. can be a hard path for us to walk... You're writing is telling all of us life's stories....I commend you... Just me, lare

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