Leave Me Alone.

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Leave me alone; to battle my loneliness till the time I emerged irrevocably triumphant; sprinted forward in untamed exhilaration to bask in the full fervor of

Leave me alone; to experience each unfurling moment as it painstakingly unveiled; retrospect my cherished moments of the past; when I innocuously bounced on the
sacrosanct lap of my mother,

Leave me alone; to uninhibitedly free each of my despairingly frazzled senses; incessantly fantasize in the aisles of augmenting desire; yearning for all the
bountifully ravishing beauty on this planet,

Leave me alone; to do what I was stupendously best in; pave a blazing path of my own; far away from the interruptions of the monotonously lackadaisical society,

Leave me alone; to explore the more intricate nuances of life; frolick with orphaned children through the mushy meadows; bringing back a smile to their impoverished lives,

Leave me alone; to express the most inner most voices of my conscience; indefatigably meditate to search for that righteousness that had so miserably eluded me all my life,

Leave me alone; to wholeheartedly embrace my fellow comrades in inexplicable agony; philander with whomsoever I desired; irrespective of caste; creed and
indiscriminate racial malice,

Leave me alone; to fanatically pursue the art profusely embodied in my blood; intransigently drowning myself into an ocean of unfathomable enthrallment,

Leave me alone; to wander like a prince under the milky beams of moonlight; languidly doze dreaming about paradise in profoundly sweltering sunshine that
illuminated the day,

Leave me alone; to passionately follow the holistic ideals of humanity; wholesomely freeing myself from the tyrannically dictatorial norms of the spurious world outside,

Leave me alone; to elope to the astronomical summits of longing whenever I liked; then crawl back lamely on mundane soil for hours immemorial,

Leave me alone; to construct my dwelling in the most exact way I liked; stuffing each of its walls with the spirit of unprecedented brotherhood and harmony; alike,

Leave me alone; to vivaciously evolve every unearthing second; create incredulously magnificent wonders; from the esoterically enigmatic imagery that turbulently revolved in my mind,

Leave me alone; to dance with the voluptuously divine angel of my dreams; eternalize my every blossoming tomorrow with the poignantly charismatic empathy; in my mates eyes,

Leave me alone; to melodiously sing the rhymes of vibrantly flowering nature; be profoundly mesmerized by the chirping of the nightingale; the roaring of the royal lion; alike,

Leave me alone; to perpetually inscribe in my soul the names that I profusely cherished; ubiquitously disseminate the message of immortal peace and solidarity; to every parasite sucking innocent blood outside,

Leave me alone; to pen down countless lines of philanthropic literature in a single day; incorrigibly blend with the tunes that flowed from each of my senses; for infinite more births yet to come,

Leave me alone; to forever bond with the love of my life; breaking free from the satanically hostile chains of contemporary tradition and bombastic imprisonment,

Leave me alone; to romance; to dream; to share; to imbibe; more importantly to live life the way I wanted it to unfold; the way God had made me and beautifully endowed me to be.

Mohit Katyal 10 July 2017

a bit long.. but still its aswm

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