Bri Mar

'' Lest It Is Taken Away '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Why was the universe made so vast?
Is it true we are really alone?
When it was formed the rules were cast,
We must stay in our God given zone.

If there's life out there it's plain to see,
Why the planets are so far apart,
All life has the God given right to be free,
He won't allow us to tear out its heart.

We need to search for the answers here,
Looking to space is a waste of our time,
The answer to our problems is crystal clear,
Our neglect should be classed as a crime.

When we send out probes in the search for life,
We attach really scant information,
Never a mention of the wars and the strife,
Man's greed while others die of starvation.

We portray ourselves as peaceful and kind,
But in reality the opposite is true,
If they ever come here it's a fact they will find,
Other life forms we aim to subdue.

We can't look after the planet we're on,
That's the reason we're looking elsewhere,
At the rate we're going very soon we'll be gone,
To those others it just isn't fair.

Let's surmise we make contact with an alien race,
Will they be they hostile or totally insane?
They may well use Earth as a stopover base,
While they look upon humans as inane.

Theories abound from the experts and boffins,
While in reality they do not have a clue,
What's true is we'll all end up in coffins,
No I'm not a scientific guru.

Future happenings cannot be foretold,
If we could we'd be millionaires,
What we have now we need to behold,
Out there, there is nothing compares.

The past is littered with theories that died,
Yet the truth can be stranger than fiction,
Who's told the truth and who has lied,
Theories are but a hopeful prediction.

Those worlds we look for are out of our reach,
To say otherwise is total delusion,
Cherish what we have is what we must teach,
Or Armageddon is a foregone conclusion.

We are courting disaster with these stupid notions
While there are hectares of Earth we don't know,
From rainforests through to our planets oceans,
If we explore them our knowledge will grow.

We waste billions on a fruitless search,
While our planet is slowly eroding,
It won't be long till we fall off our perch,
That's said with a sense of foreboding.

So let's waken up now before it's too late,
Our scientists are leading us astray,
It's our future on Earth to which we must relate,

‘'Lest It Is Taken Away''

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 27, 2012

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