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Let Us Be Together

Rating: 5.0

Let us you and me be together
living in happiness
and nothing would disturb us

Let us run away from this society
and live our life without worry
Let us get rid of this anxiety
and make a lovely story.

Nobody would keep you away from me
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Anong All 27 July 2008

Your poem feels very loving.

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 January 2016

For the sake of peace and love. Nice work.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 29 September 2008

A nice poem with a nice ending. Love it.

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Little Hatila ;) 28 September 2008

wow...well done, , , it is really good when lovers don't give up and they always try to find a way to be together....i think if there was not all of these society boundaries, most of those who are in love would be together... keep going, good luck Hataw

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Dawn Slanker 06 August 2008

Lovely expression of love...thanks for sharing.

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Suzan Gumush 02 August 2008

You already have spoken of what you feel. It's a wonderful gift to cherish. You already hold the love inside you that will last forever. Beautiful poem. give you 10! Best wishes Suzan Gumush

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