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All that I've been given
Is all that I am
I am no more than
What I am

Comes too late to conquer my ambitions
Comes too late to stage my play
All that I've written is lost and gone
My memory is at a distance

Comes a knock on my door
I open it......
Dressed inside a suit
He stands tall

While I'm sitting pretty
Indulging in all luxury
Lavishing in style
My life has never been vile

Death is my best friend
It waits for me until the end
It wills my parth that I do walk
And marks my map just with a chalk

I love you....I love you
Is the word I always hear
Are they words of truth
Or are they words to fear

Forgiveness is a cure
Forgive all your enemies
Forgive all your sins
One day you will look back

I thought I'd bring you
A ray of sunshine
Make you all smile
And make your life worthwhile

Jesus's birthday has just begun
Come on everybody
Let's have some fun
It's Chrismas time!

To gossip is to natter
You chatter and chatter
You natter about everyone
When you come to chatter

True love is to let go
Know what you know
Into life you will flow
Be it good be it bad

The Moon is my night
And the sun is my light
The air that I breathe
Caresses me.....

We are sleepwalking into disaster
Those machines are running much faster
Survellance will come unbound
Leaking surveys all around

If I hear news of a stabbing
Of all else it would be my son

If I hear news of someone excluded

I've come to a mental block
It's called a mental pause
It's Blocked all my writings
And I can't focus on my sitings

I've come across many neglected children
They carry a pain
Thats left a mark
An uncured wound

I am of an Turkish Cypriot origin
Oops my tongue has slipped in the gin
Turning into a British freak
Only English I do speak

My hormones are playing tennis today
Minute by minute
It changes it's moods
Sometimes those swings they do hit hard

He who defies god
Must ask himself
Why is he here!
Why is he existing

If I was with a cheating partner
I would be the unlucky partner
If I was to be chosen out of the two
I would be left out of that queue

suzan gumush Biography

The paths I have taken have driven me to near madness. Those encounters and the twists and turn within my life could be written as a great epic. I have just got my first book out and am looking forward to the feedback. The book is sold in all book shops across the globe and it can also be bought online on Under my real name Suzan Mehmet.

The Best Poem Of suzan gumush

All That I Am

All that I've been given
Is all that I am
I am no more than
What I am
Life has been a tease
All I've done is try to please
Still I ask for nothing
Nothing do I want
All I need is a magic wand
To take me out of what I'm in
I don't want to share their sins
All that I am
is who I be
No one ever made me!

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C. P. Sharma 08 August 2008

I took a brief survey of Suzan’s poetry. Perhaps, it reflects the life as it comes to her in which as Thomas Hardy says, “…happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain.” Hence, a sense of deep anguish, satire and irony runs throughout her poems with an occasional touch of humor. She has wisely used her socio-economic-literary know how in presenting a panoramic view of life enhancing their impact through her superb poetic craftsmanship. Although mostly pessimistic, she does not take a defeatist attitude towards life like Milton when he says in ‘Paradise Lost’: “What though the field be lost? All is not lost; th’ unconquerable will, ………………………..”

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Egi David Perdana 10 May 2008

I love your poems, keep writting, your a amazing friend thanx

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Leon Seagal 03 September 2006

She must have suffered a lot in the past! I could feel this sharp pain, while I was reading her poems! Only one thing I could say, all the best to good poet and good mother!

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