Life Poem by Siti Nursyafiqa Syaqireen


Rating: 4.5

Life, let it drift into the midsummer seas.
A meaningless, endless torture of the thy soul, blessed be.
Diverged in paths no man wished to foresee.
A sorrowful life awaits thee.

Life, beautiful yet painful, truthfully written.
By the one who bares all creation.
A purpose, is it not what thou seek?
But without a creator thou shall not reap.

Life, as they weep for their beloved.
A reminder of death, as it crawled.
Repent not, thy shall regret.
A punishment awaits. Haven? lost.

Life seeks just but does not pay.
A crime of passion sinfully displayed.
Now stupidity and idiocy goes unpaid.
But remember, haunting starts, anguish replays.

A poem about life and the concequences of the choices we make. Dedicated to a friend.
Allemagne Roßmann 03 September 2012

Rich and allusive.Trez bien!

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Terrance Woolridge 06 September 2012

That's deep

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Cyclopseven R 03 September 2012

You reap what you sow. This is the irrefutable law of nature. Very well written with smooth transition from one verse to another. Keep up the good work. Good bless.

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Anamika Goswami 04 September 2012

i liked reading it.. though the subject is kind of foreboding, but yes life does pay you back in the same coin... Very good indeed.

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Alafe Ramat 04 September 2012

Beautifuly worded poem, .......

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Spiritual Seeker 25 September 2012

Great write, enjoyed every lines and its wise message! Keep writing...A great 10.

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Roger Bowman 18 September 2012

''But remember, haunting starts, anguish replays'' great poemo... keep on writing, i m looking forward reading more of your writings.. :)

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Daniel Einstein 18 September 2012

Very deep and close to the heart, i see, i demand another poem! xD good job, this poem speaks for itself.

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Marieta Maglas 11 September 2012

a very sad life- well written poem-keep writing

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Valerie Dohren 11 September 2012

Beautiful poem, a great write.

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