Too Soon Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Too Soon

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Comedians in America die young
Perhaps, for having too much fun

Our three beloved John's
Who now have been gone so long

John Belushi, age thirty three, John Candy, age forty three,
and John Ritter, age fifty four

We also have Chris Farley, age thirty three
and most recent, Robin Williams, age sixty three

They gave us many funny moments
In our world of doom

They brightened up our day
Making us laugh instead of sigh

They left so suddenly
Like a bolt out of the sky

I still watch their re-runs and tapes
Which bring tears and laughter to my face

May they rest in peace

Too Soon
It is interesting that all the ages end in three, except for John Ritter, age 54.
Kim Barney 16 December 2015

I thought I had left a comment on this poem before, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, the addition of the photo is a very nice touch. I like it very much.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 08 October 2014

There are many other comedians who have passed too soon. Bill Hicks, age 32, Sam Kinison, age 38, Greg Giraldo, age 44 and Robert Schimmel, age 60. I'm sure there any many more to add to the list. Why are they taken so soon? ? ?

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Darwin Henry Beuning 10 November 2014

My observation is that there is a Curse of Three that comedians need to be aware of. Ages ending in 33,43,53, and 63 are deadly for comedians. They also need to be wary of the year before and after these key ages. A few well known comedians who are in these zones of death are, Ladies: Melissa Ivy Rauch, age 34, Melissa McCarthy, age 44, Julia Louis Dreyfus, age 53 and Roseanne Barr, age 62. Gentlemen: Simon Helberg, age 33, Kunal Nayyar, age 33, and fast approaching, Jim Parsons, age 41, and Jerry Seinfeld, age 60. Only time will tell.

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Kathy Wright 21 December 2018

Very interesting thoughts, but only God knows the number of our days. Curses are part of the reasons for these early deaths. That is why knowing the Master who can break curses, Jesus Christ and and His blood shed on the cross is so very important for living a full life. Read the Good Book and find life!

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Grace Diane Jessen 09 August 2021

I enjoyed this poem very much. Well done!

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Belle Wassermeister 15 February 2021

I just posted a new poem called Deadly Twenty-Seven, inspired by this poem. Thanks, Hank!

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Belle Wassermeister 15 February 2021

The loss of Robin Williams was the most shocking one of all!

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Casual Observer 24 March 2022

I have to agree with you, Belle.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 09 November 2020

Very nice tribute to these comedians, Hank! It's also sad that many politicians live too long!

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Gary James Smith 01 September 2020

Cool poem Darwin...I have enjoyed their entertaining antics as well...thanks for your comments on a couple of my poems...much appreciated...have yourself a wonderful day

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