Life`s About Poem by Emma Adamyan

Life`s About

Rating: 5.0

Life is about to teach us many helpful things,
Where we shall fight for the truth
Even on penalty of getting a ruth
Where we will be exalted
Just then to be humilated
Where funeral tears change wedding laughter
Just like seasons rotate each other
And you who`s given so little time to handle
Will have time just to light up a candle,
Guessing what`s in store for you after

Here`s Another curious thing u`ll get in that journey-
No matter you`re ready or you`re not
You learn from your mistakes or you don`t
You call yourself a dreamer or a venal
You take yourself a devil or an angel
Life doesn`t admit hesitant people
And punishes once you`re fallen behind
You can cry or you can laugh
You can never change this truth.

And the last...
Dont believe each person who says 'God bless! '
For he still can make of ur life a real mess
You`ll have to find out the hidden signs
Which discern liars of true persons.

P.S. But Since Heaven has become deserted
God`s been having the wardship of us
For that reason He devised the reward and justice
For every true believer to get his deserved bliss

Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

i rated this one 10 because it wasted not my time when i read it

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Mahyar Goodarzi 14 January 2010

i appreciate. yes these days it's hard to distinguish the truth, the most precious thing in my opinion. nice impression.

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thoughtful piece, the story of life and its rules, well done, thanks for sharing 10

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Kesav Easwaran 03 January 2010

humorouly philosophic or the other way round, this write tells how we should accept life and Faith...good work...10 and a lot of bliss is 'in store' for you (in heaven) Emma!

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