Like Bubbles Floating In Torrent Flood Poem by spiritual seeker

Like Bubbles Floating In Torrent Flood

Rating: 5.0

Wasted youth,
Future lost in filth and drugs,
So much pain and nothing gained,
Many, just zombies with no living hearts.

Though there is a bright sun shining out there,
They no more see the light,
Like windows closed,
And shutters tightly shut.

Give clear reasons to think...
or cups of spiritual honey to drink,
many had tried to fight...
But if we really want to win, must never give up!

These are stories told and retold with ending none in sight,
Begging, stealing, mugging, enslaved by the drugs...
it’s a pitiful and frightful sight,
like bubbles floating in torrent flood.

Do we have a solution?
Hans Vr 06 January 2014

Very interesting poem, my friend. A very important issue. As long as the endless greed of corrupt powers is in place, we may not have a solution. But one day, my Sufi friend, I am so sure that the greed will crumble down and all will be well. Our world is changing extremely fast. Only few decades ago, there was no internet. This information revolution is now fully unfolding. The next one is the wisdom revolution. And I have great faith that the wisdom revolution is not so far away. A super ten for this thought provoking poem

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 01 January 2014

Like bubbles floating in torrent flood is the poem, in which the poet brings out the facts that don't let the youth to be useful to the society and to themselves, connecting with flood situation in Kota Bahru..Let us hope for the best..Happy New Year, to you, dear spiritual seeker, your family, friends, relatives and your patients..

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Unwritten Soul 31 December 2013

Yeah....too bad to lose golden time, because how rich we can be still we can pay to own past time...i like the title and the theme as know, i hope one thing, no matter when they are back to sober, when there still have time to fix do fix, for the next breaths and good....because past it past let new renewed_Soul

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