Lips Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry


Rating: 4.7

A marshy dew of softness
Tender river of loving cave
A wetly cotton clay of sweet fragile
Two edges wave in deep shallows

Circling around in burning strawberry
Like coals to ignite the passion
Draw close in warm magnetism
Shutting eyes in a melting breath

Endearing palm and finger follows
Like sea falls that dig in a thrill splash
Exploring the heaven spots of wonderland
A breeze of touch in every corner of tight caress

Gripping and moving in a torrid darkly green scenes
Fresh clever lips kindle sensual electricity
Orbiting the pinkish curves down over skinny slopes

Running to and through on a mouth of volcano and inversely swallowing the firm torch.

Sekharan Pookkat 17 April 2014

Hot lips and thirsty lips Cold lips and calm lips Draw close and far dreams Draws picture of love and hate

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Shania K. Younce 20 April 2014

This is a lovely poem all together with lovely expressions. Bien!

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Vishal Sharma 22 April 2014

very lovely poetry to share....! ! ! Nice write indeed

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Matthias Pantaleon 24 April 2014

Lips do not lie the tongue does. Beautifully penned

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Jessica Hernandezdamian 25 April 2014

Its very lovely to put together with love. Its beautiful. great poetry indeed. love it! (:

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Henry Garcia 08 May 2015

a poem with full of passion Great sharing

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Sonali Ganguly 16 May 2014

nicely encrypted......

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Jonas Goncalves 08 May 2014

Each word of this poem made me imagine all the descriptions on it. And I can say it's visually wonderful :)

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Helena Zen 06 May 2014

.....Wonderful literature

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

Very Impressive poem. Thumbs UP

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