Listening To Dolly Parton Poem by Paula Glynn

Listening To Dolly Parton

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I sit on the chair listening to Dolly Parton,
The world of country music her legend,
For she has found her place in the world,
A superwoman having once been a girl,
Dolly is home wherever she goes,
The stage her life and she'll always roam,
Her music, charm and charisma her strength.

She sings each note in perfect tune,
Those melodies legendary,
Everyone knowing her worth,
The blonde hair and looks her work,
As she sings on that stage,
And sounds as the listener,
Switches on their radio,
The music of Dolly Parton never to age.

Dolly sings her coat of many colours,
Knowing you are only poor,
If you choose to be,
And money she has plenty of,
Nothing she needs for,
But she has never been poor,
No matter her background,
And those mocking schoolchildren.

Untouched by negativity,
Dolly wears her checkered dress,
Hair and makeup a killer,
For she is on that stage,
Set out to impress,
And she does it even better than you,
For Dolly can never be replaced.

No matter how many years pass,
I sit here and listen to Dolly Parton,
With the lamp on and red wine in a glass,
Playing Dolly each night,
Those songs sung with might,
The world loving her musical passion,
And her presence never ignored.

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: music
Kumarmani Mahakul 11 August 2016

Wonderful and memorable tribute to Dolly. This poem on music is entirely interesting...10

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

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