Literary Genius: The Real Roddy Doyle Poem by Paula Glynn

Literary Genius: The Real Roddy Doyle

Roddy Doyle born in Dublin on 8 May 1958
Learning as a child to invent and create
Becoming an Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter
Having attended University College Dublin
English and Geography his choice subjects
Roddy Doyle with writing that does inspire
With a writing ability everyone does desire

And inspire other writers Roddy Doyle did and does:
Having graduated with a BA in 1979
Having success in his graduation:
Having a wonderful time
Learning about the world and literature
Passing many exams showing his worth
For Roddy Doyle did work and work

Having later in 1980
Completed a Higher diploma in Education
A man dedicated to his learning
Now teaching others Geography and English
To eager students for many years
Only to become the best full-time writer in 1993
A skill in writing Roddy Doyle's students did see

On a personal level Roddy Doyle married
Belinda Moller: the granddaughter of former Irish President Erskine Childers
They have three children; Rory, Jack and Kate
A little girl happy and not doomed to her fate
For Kate does also write like her father
The writing gene in her DNA
And a writing gene inherited also by Rory and Jack

Ideas Roddy Doyle does never lack:
Having penned The Commitments in 1987
And being awarded the Booker Prize in 1993
For his novel based in 1968 Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
One of his best working class Irish story by far
Roddy Doyle a genius and literary star
His excellent education making him stand out by far

Also writing the Barrytown Triology:
The Commitments (1987)
The Snapper (1990)
The Van (1991)
Two other novels published: The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
A Star Called Henry and various other stories
That describe and enchant working class Dublin

The Working Class with intriguing characters
And plots simple yet with wonderful stories
Fictional characters with a sense of realism
And times in history with a hint of truth
For every character in their youth
Does talk to the reader: does tell the truth
And Roddy Doyle even adds a rotten tooth

For every novel is notable for its heavy use of dialogue
And written in Irish slang
Talking to every Irish woman and man
For Roddy Doyle invents stories within stories
Fascinating character after fascinating character
Adding interest to his stories: doing what he can
To appeal to the working class man

In Dublin January 2009
Roddy Doyle and Seán Love
Established a creative writing centre 'Fighting Words'
To make other writers spread their wings and be heard
And spread the truth and the word
Of believing in one's self and making dreams come true
No matter what those dreams may be

For Roddy Doyle has shown to the world
There is more than we see:
There are people, characters and lives
And all are different, all are great
And everyone has the right to create
Their own stories: whether romance or not
For what cannot be forgotten will not be forgotten.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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