Mr. Motivation Poem by Haven Leonel

Mr. Motivation

Throw me in cage with a lion and a bear
Thru motivation I'll survive Im not lying I swear
I can't hear you anymore I can't listen, please stop talking
Your scared to make a move so hit the road and start walking.

I'll come out on top, just watch, I'll prove it to you
I'm done with the old me, I'm becoming brand new
I'll work non stop, to be the best at least
Compared to all of you, your a dog and I'm a beast.

I was there for you whenever you gave my name a call
I expected you to be there whenever I may fall
When I was down you criticized me and didn't help at all
I reached down inside me and found it in me to stand tall

Now I will fight, watch I will win
Throw me in the ring and let the battle begin
I don't care what you may say, I don't care if you doubt me
You don't know how much I care, in fact you don't know much about me

You can tell me to give up but that's not my reputation
The more you tell me it won't work just increases motivation
I will face every temptation I will hold my concentration
Become a recreation to surpass your expectation

You can tell me that this path I chose will lead me to damnation
Well know the fire deep inside me has spread like a mutation
Let them strip me from salvation, I will stick to my foundation
Make me suffer from starvation, Make me endure dehydration

You can cast me into flames and hope to witness a cremation
You will never see the day, I'll treat hell like a vacation.
But you will see a reaction you will see a transformation
The more obstacles I face will boost my determination.

There's nothing I can't face, with her my problems vanish
Shes what gets me thru each day, she keeps me fighting till I finish
So as long as she stands by me I will stand by her
Because she's more good to me then any of you were.

I like it :) lol

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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