Living In Horror Poem by Sari Mavi

Living In Horror

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How can I tell you, my life in peace?
If my father said, 'we'll talk about tonight'
If my mother says, 'I go to the market'
My sister said good-bye, 'sister, I went to a friend's house'
My nephew tells, he was on his way to our house

How can I tell my life in tranquility yourself
If I always feel anxious, restless thinking:
'Could I still would see them again? Still hear their voices? ' They are people who I love

My life in fear
Under the shadow of horror
People who I love to meet with men who do not recognize humanity

We can not hide anymore
Dark and light did not mean
They are always able to find where we are
Then destroy our happiness
Send obituary we never want

Their faith remains intact
Whether to whom they obediently
While God never teaches hatred and cruelty
But they actually rekindle the spirit of barbarity

So easy they take the life of our body
So quiet moment destroy itself
Invisible anything in their sight
No hint of fear in their hearts
Destroyed the creatures of God
They walk on the earth with a full vanity
While they know that God does not like

Living in fear
Living in horror
Met with the angel of death, without any previous suspect
If we can get away from the slaughter, and
reunited with the family

How? Can you imagine?
Can you feel?
Living in horror..

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fearful
Amitava Sur 29 November 2015

Today's earth is predominated by unlawful activities only, apparently evil is predominating over the good. And you are suffering from this fear psychosis. Have faith on truth, which will guide you towards right path.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 15 November 2015

The fear psychosis created by the most heinous crimes committed against humanity by a handful barbarians is adroitly portrayed. These are the sentiments of every same human world over. Thanks for sharing.10++++

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Sari Mavi 26 November 2015

ya Sir, you're right we're living in the horrible place a space against humanity by a handful barbarians this was terrible thank you sir for your appreciation GBU

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