Lonely Poem by Whispering Rose


Rating: 4.5

Lonely as I sit here
Drowning in the ocean of my own tears
Thinking of the future near
Looking at dreams shattered by fear
Wondering how being safe again feels
Wondering when the wound would heal
When the scars would finally disappear
A hundred words won’t say how I feel
A thousand lies won’t make it real
It’s all mine
The heart that broke
The tears that still drop
The smile that faded
And the eyes that hated
But still I try …
To fight before time passes by

Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 26 January 2010

I can't help myself to say that it's really so wonderful poem..each word holding the perfect place making way for a clear view to the emotions there. Keep it up: -)

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Hans Vr 10 November 2010

A lovely poem, Only hearts who love and truly care can be truly hurt. Ttrue forgiveness does not take away the sadness but it removes the bitterness. Hatred tends to harm more the hater than the hated We manage to find forgiveness We will find peace again and our tears will become sweet.

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Kevin Carney 12 September 2010

This is an amazing poem. Your emmotions just flow and your words just sit on air. Great write.

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Unwritten Soul 29 July 2010

what a amazing whisper from this flower! yeah, i read it like i talk to myself, build my own strength and calling my core to think...yeah buddy keep trying never give up...still we alive keep hunting, keep searching and even u face hard thing now later u will find that give u everything and this really satisfying! ............Listen to ur heart...it is whispering!

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Manahil Shafiq 13 July 2010

Great poem......i know how u feel.

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Miranda Stoltz 27 January 2010

Although its different from the way i write..i like this one. Good job =)

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