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Lonely In The Dark

Rating: 4.4

I am living in the darkness
I feel so scared
I feel unsafe
I dont know what to do
I cry everyday and night
And I feel that I want to cry more and more
Non stop
It really dark here
I hear my mom voice
But I cant reach her

And I hear my friends calling me
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poetry lover 09 February 2007

I loved this one very heart felt, we all feel like we are alone at times but with god we are never alone he is always with us.

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Allenika ... 08 February 2007

I went through this too, Jesus found me. i feel what you mean.

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Paul Marshall 08 February 2007

Nice. I'm going through the same feelings. Fortunately I found a friend to help me throught this hard time.

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Maxim Muyu 14 January 2007

fine writing about lonerliness, fear and darkness.Maxim Muyu

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Alfredo Jacques 13 January 2007

I know exactly how you feel. great poem.

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Adeeb Alfateh 20 June 2019

I didnt know what it was I feel so endangered I saw an extended hand That wants to grab me towards its unrevealed body I ran away I hear a male vioce Calling my name superb expression great 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Josh Dunbar 03 April 2018

But suddenly their voices r gone (line 15) , ok seriously do i really even have to explain why this is wrong? using texting language in a piece that you make is just unprofessional and distracting to the reader, is it really that hard just to type out the word are? you cant even try and defend yourself by blaming it on syllables or rhythm. Just knowing that some one, (line 40) , in this example the author spelt someone as some one when it is clear that was not there intention.

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Josh Dunbar 03 April 2018

It really dark here (line 8) , In this example the word It should be replaced with It's I hear my mom voice (line 9) , In this line from the poem makes no sense, the way that its written leads the reader to believe that the author is hearing their own voice, and if I'm not mistaken that is not what the poet wanted to portray.

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Josh Dunbar 03 April 2018

Ok before people start raging at me I'd like to say that I respect poets and all the hard work they put into their poems. However from my perspective it seems almost as if this poem was written by an unprofessional teenager who was to lazy to edit and correct their mistakes. To support my point here is a list of a few of the mistakes:

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a moment of sadness 12 February 2007

this is a very spiritual and revealing poem... i love your openess

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