Longing Love And Finding Hate.......... Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Longing Love And Finding Hate..........

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Watching the sunset
with you in my arms
I recall our sunrise
with wind which passed on

When you and me
were planning to start
A journey on the road of life
The country was burning in hate fire
Yet we kept our hopes alive
To blossom our love in corneous plights.

Love in heart and hate around
Ate much energy to budge it down
I cry for the love they nurture hate.
The fate was clear with an orange sun in tears
The cry is what I hear outside
Dark night tries to suppress aside.

We carried so many bodies to the grave yard
Somehow love slipped when, we could not realise
The burden we carry is far from love
Hate is what they wanted
and its hate everywhere now.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Jasbir Chatterjee 04 February 2016

love and hate,2 contradictory emotions, go hand in hand. I agree with you. With hate all around, it is difficult to keep your heart filled with love...

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Souren Mondal 04 February 2016

It is always easier to hate people than to love them and accept them with kindness... A well crafted poem on this issue Asim.. Thank you for sharing.

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Savita Tyagi 04 February 2016

This is heart wrenching poem. How loving people turn into hateful creatures, no body knows. But it happens again and again. All we can do is to pray that this insane behavior won't attack us. Keep the light of love alive! Thank you for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 February 2016

Love and hate! Very common among mankind. But, to seek for peace with the works of the truth is the way forward. Thanks for sharing.

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