Longing To Meet Again... Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Longing To Meet Again...

Rating: 5.0

Years have passed, since we met last
Yet my eyes are wet with the tears of exodus

though we are miles apart, physically
Yet we live in each other's heart, tangibly

And we meet in our thoughts
And cherish the moments of our past

The distance is of eyes, only
Yet we meet in our dreams, firmly

The fragrance is still fresh as daisy
Though several months gone by nothing is hazy

In my breath I still taste our farewell kiss
Like sand in hourglass rolling with bliss

These mountains, rivers and the dunes are our souvenir
As if we scaled the height in ecstasy and disappeared

Friday, August 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: longing,separation
Sharad Bhatia 28 August 2020

मैं आज भी तुम्हें प्यार करता हूँ शायद लिखने के बहाने तुम्हें अपने ख्यालो मे याद करता हूँ

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Aarzoo Mehek 28 August 2020

Waaahhhh jii waaahhhh separation can be so beautiful just realised through Your poem sensitive emotions with longing to be united. Loved reading it.100++

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Anjandev Roy 30 August 2020

The fragrance is still fresh as daisy............fine piece......thank u......... anjandev roy.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 August 2020

After last meeting no new meeting is witnessed. Mind is longing for love. Waiting is done with patience. Eyes are waiting to meet the moment of love again. Definitely when there will be fresh meeting, there will be blooming of fresh flower with fragrance. Mind will be motivated.This poem is very brilliantly penned...10

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* Sunprincess * 28 August 2020

Waiting time is always painful and meeting time erases everything. Thank you.

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Deepak S S 28 August 2020

Nicely written, we go far and we miss our dear ones. Life is not so easy all the way.

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Varsha M 28 August 2020

These mountains, rivers and the dunes are our souvenir As if we scaled the heights in ecstasy and disappeared..... beautiful momories. Imprinting omnipresent lustrous world Woven together under shade of sun. Carving poignant silvery eminence Refusing to fade in long run. Beautiful heart touching poetry. Thank-you for sharing.

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