Lost Poem by Alicia Meyers


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Being lost in a forest is bad enough,
But being lost inside your head is worse.
You don't know what to do,
You don't know what to think.
You can't get out of this horror,
Even if you blink.
It's very scary,
And you feel like you can't breathe.
I need someone,
Someone with me.
I pray to the heaven,
That I'll be okay.
I pray to God,
Every second of the day.
I just wish I can feel better,
So I can be with friends.
And hope that it won't happen,
Ever again.
But when I'm lost,
I'm lost in thought.
I can't be myself anymore,
I'm just so scared.
I feel like being thrown across the floor,
All because I'm lost.

Vipins Puthooran 16 December 2011

May God be helping you dear to root out all your pains! ! ! ! Follow His Words and Statutes! !

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Gold Trybes 15 December 2011

I feel your pain. Let God take you through every step. Hold his hands. Read and meditate on his words. When the voices come, take your weapon in your hand (The word of God) and speak death to it and that fear you see would cease.. I know not of any therapy but the word of God..

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

Greenville, South Carolina
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