Lost (A Free Verse Poem.) Poem by J.A McManus

Lost (A Free Verse Poem.)

From the pit of my coldness
You burn me with acid-filled glares
Like I am nothing but garbage left to go stale
Out here I have no shelter from the rain.

I wander hungrily through familiar streets
Looking for somewhere to belong
I am labelled as a leper amongst the sick
For you do not want to see or hear my pain.

As I stand in the doorway of my despair
I watch the world from it’s shadows
I have become a phantom with no hope
For I have ran out of people to blame.

Ivor Hogg 14 October 2009

every street person has a story to tell but few are willing to listen

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This poem depicts the stark cruelty of being homeless. So much morbid but brilliant imagery 'acid filled glares', 'garbage left to go stale' 'labelled a leper amongst the sick' and 'doorway of despair'. Others very often don't understand the hopeless depression the homeless feel as they wander aimlessly through day and night. Excellent work! 10

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Obinna Eruchie 14 September 2009

What a way to express being lost to feel despair in a world of poverty. Touching.

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

Carlisle, Cumbria
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