! Lost Faith... Poem by Dislocated Heart

! Lost Faith...

Rating: 2.9

Do you even know me?
When I tell you I love you.. do you believe me?
I ask the world,
when is the suffering done?
When is the homeless finally free from insanity?
when is the burdened mother free from worries?
The child/ teen.. finally living life without struggles?
when is stress, finally gone?

Am I to stand? and take every pinch? and hit?
am I to watch everyone suffer? and fall...
Do I let my puzzle pieces get outta hand?
and wait.. till the world stops spinning to pick myself up again?

Ocean full of tears..
air full of sorrow..
what am I to believe?
God is actually there? ? ?

I'm reaching.. can you see? ?
I'm giving up.. are you there?

and now I see why so many lost faith...

shygirl 93 20 January 2010

I really like this one, The lost faith is a true fact of life i lose faith alot a couple of times ive thought about suicide but i could and probably never will go through with it and im glad because there are times when i really love my life

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Ency Bearis 07 September 2009

a great self contemplation of innermost feeling about life...well expressed and beautifully written in poetic diction...a good piece.....10

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