! Fun With No Doubts. Poem by Dislocated Heart

! Fun With No Doubts.

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Today the sky never looked brighter,
I finally cut the string that attracts me to you,
I got my buddies on the side, with weed it smells like I'm getting high.
Smiling like nothing ever effects me.

Getting this natural high on,
so I can dance like no one is ever watching.
though they are probably laughing.

Forget the phone,
leave it in the trunk of my car but dont bother leaving a message,
cuz I aint calling to hear what a machine gotta say.
plus bs aint what its all bout today.

Today, is my happy day.
Hitting the clubs,
finding a hooker and dancing on the streets with her. (or should I say him)
ask random ppl for poppy pills,
see if they bite,
sell weed to high school kids, but its just mashed up grass.
Tonight I'm playing it big,
I'll drive down northshore smoking a joint,
Drinkin when I hit a stop light,
and tomorrow when the sun gets bright,
I wont remember a thing.. but the highlights.

This is what life is all bout.
Having fun, with no doubts.

Chaotic Life - Curly M. 16 January 2011

..... I don't believe this is what life is all about.....

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