Lost Something Which Was Never Mine! Poem by Ashish Ram

Lost Something Which Was Never Mine!

Rating: 4.5

Why do i feel now
That i'll never hear that voice again!
Why this thought crosses my mind
That maybe it was our last dance together!
I lie in my bed.......i feel something ring
I rush to pick up the phone
Only to hear that stupid dialer tone
I sink in my chair and i wonder
Why does it seem so difficult to let go
When i know there's nothing that i hold
I pick myself up out of the house
Seems an iternity to get to the bar which is so close
I shake myself up and order some wine
I know i have lost something which was never mine! ! !


Ashish another sad poem that pulls at the heartstrings...EXCELLENT title...really great! Titles usually are what draws me in to read something in the first place. Keep sharing and I wish you all the best with this person from the poem. =Shelley=======

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Melvina Germain 17 April 2007

A sad picture painted here Ashish, but this sometimes happens. What do we do, we move on.--Thankyou for sharing--Melvina--

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

I did hold what was mine..but sadly its no longer mine! I relate to your poems buddy! Great emotion there^^ Preets

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