Wet Shoes Poem by Ashish Ram

Wet Shoes

Rating: 4.8

He came in today, wearing wet shoes
Was talking of life, colours and different blues
We found him strange and didnt care
We thought, usual boring stuff, we usually hear
But with an unusual smile he went on
Telling about sweet memories and moments gone
Finding something desperately were his eyes
One moment of truth in a million lies
Lost, he stood up, finally, something to say
With moist eyes, he revealed, it's his last day
For a moment everything stopped, our rigidness went loose
He went away, smiling, and we kept looking, at those wet shoes.

Nalini Hebbar 17 July 2006

One moment of truth in a million lies...theme is just great...i think you have deep perception of feelings...keep it up...great going...love...nalini

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Zoe Smith 17 July 2006

wow great poem reminds me of pictures by a Quebec painter long ago, one of my favorite artists.

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Amy, Ines 21 August 2020

What did you think when you wrote it

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Ashish I love the simplicity of this short and simple poem! So much packed into this poem...many emotions and easy to see imagery! You write well and I wish to see you write more soon! ((Smile)) Hope your not too homesick anymore. Take care of U.................... =Shelley=

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Original Unknown Girl 13 September 2006

Fab! What a lovely simple poem that hooks you in, sad and touching and poignant all at once! Well Done!

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Patrick Ladbrooke 12 September 2006

This is truly excellent, Ashish. I loved the way it kept me hanging on to find out who the person was in wet shoes and in the end it became irrelevent, overtaken by a very sensitive human touch. Excellent. Good luck with it. Patrick

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

Very good sense og poetry Ashish...have to learn that from you now :) Btw thanks for your comment on my poem Mehmaan/guest! Preets

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