Salaam Bombay Poem by Ashish Ram

Salaam Bombay

Rating: 5.0

Tell me of a city not built by its own,
Tell me of a city, which can stand alone.
Talk of a place where the land is scarce
Where people will share more than their own fare.

The common man is the strength of this city
He is a man of steel, gutsy and gritty.
The Spirit of people is the fuel of existence.
No man, No child, No Woman shy of assistance

On a normal day, no one will bother you,
Come crisis, and not one will desert you.
No where in the world are people so selfless,
Call it the rudest city in the world, but not helpless.

What it lacks in Space, It makes up in Spirit
Rain may flood and blasts can rock the city.
Here the lifeline is not blood, or a heartbeat,
The life line is a rack on track.

No city in the World like this,
Not Rome, not London, nor Paris,
Hats off to the Land of Dreams,
Salaam Bombay, I hear myself scream.

Jose Valarinho 13 August 2018

Once... I saw this musical in London and never forget

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

I love Delhi too. But Mumbai being my birthplace and my current home, i love it too. Yes there is derth of space, but no derth of Spirit! A wonderful tribute to 'aamchi mumbai' Preets

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Nalini Hebbar 14 July 2006

that was a great tribute to Mumbai...she and her people need our prayers...especially when she has given so much to us...a well written have natural talent with words and express emotions well...great going...a full ten...nalini

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Dr. Lubna S. Khan 14 July 2006

ya... Mumbai is uniquely different. good work! Lubna

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i have to agree with you Ashish, Mumbai is really a Great city.

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