Pain In His Heart........ Poem by Ashish Ram

Pain In His Heart........

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......With pain in his heart,
He decided to take the long way back.....
Hoping against hope that she wud call him back..
Alas, ther was no shout nor a call....
He cud see his heart break and his spirits fall....
But he knows frm the bottom of his heart that his luv is true.....
And one day they will be holding hands in the open blue...
He knew he wud wait for that day...
Cuz fate had it that way.............

Anastasia Prescott 20 July 2006

Simply mind blowing. Its your true love that matters. Love doesn't need to be reciprocated always. Amrita

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Catlin Crawford 17 July 2006

A wonderful poem of love ans sorrow... well done

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Sweet Seven 10 July 2006

short yet full of power! keep it up Ashish! =)

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Grace 12 November 2018

Um it was great just the spelling anoyyed me a bit

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 26 April 2007

This is a wonderful poem that made me think.It was very sad and you expressed yourself so well Ashish! Oh and great rhyme scheme and it fit the mood of the poem perfectly! Thanx so much for sharing.... Take care of U =Shelley=

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Preeti - is here! 30 August 2006

It's a sad poem, but very well worded! Preets

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Chelsi Ruffing 07 August 2006

I really like this poem it really makes you think...good job XXchelsiXX

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Colleen Wright 20 July 2006

Beautiful insight here Ashish......... thank you for your expressive words to tell a real story. That's a part of the growth of life. Colleen.

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