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Rating: 4.7

Love is useless
and painful
and sore.
love is crazy, and insane
and more.

But it's also
gorgeous, beautiful
and fun.
It's also the only way

two souls become one....
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Laron Green Sr. 24 March 2009

nice job well script

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Jay Boyd 24 March 2009

thats poem is true about the topic. love is a dangerous game with no rules except for one and that is rules are made to be broken. another good poem

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Amber Vasquez 24 March 2009

Thats what i feel like now.

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Eyan Desir 23 March 2009

Too short but, I like wht you were sayin

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Sicelo Sithole 17 March 2009

A beautiful love poem....can we have some more of this quality material..! raegards Sicelo.

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Subroto Chatterjee 24 April 2009

Ah Ya Ya...what would poets do without love? Pain, Pain...Why poets only? Cheers. Subroto

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Alf Hutchison 17 April 2009

Hello Londiwe....This is a great write...succinct yet powerful...a 10 in my books...do me the honor of checking my poems out when you have time

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Liz Williams 06 April 2009

this is a beautiful idea.

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it's an awesome poem and a lovley write, great job

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Joseph Poewhit 30 March 2009

Those few words captured a lot. BUT, since Adam & Eve man has been trying to understand it. Thought the birds and bee's know also.

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