A Little Fun Keeps You Young Poem by Meggie Gultiano

A Little Fun Keeps You Young

Rating: 4.0

A little fun keeps you young;
A little laughter keeps you bright.
When you get to that age
When a mid life crisis looms
Go out and act like a kid again.
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
They are probably crazy anyway.

Change your hair color grow it long
Change your style and wear a thong
That will put some spring in your step
Or goose yourself to give you some pep
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
They are probably crazy anyway

Dance till the wee hours in the morning
Let loose, but don't get lost in the spring
Smile, even if there's nobody around
Run, until you're nowhere to be found
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
You are more than crazy than they anyway..

Pssst..have fun reading this, please, lol.

a fun collab write with David Harris and Jojo Bean

A Little Fun Keeps You Young
Lawerence Mize 30 January 2017

Wonderful little poem. Enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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Kim Barney 23 November 2016

This certainly was a fun poem to read. I didn't laugh out load, but I came close. Thanks for posting this.

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Merna Ibrahim 12 November 2009

A very comic and funny poem however contain a meaningful verses and good advices. Thanks for your comment :) Merna.

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Ivor Hogg 02 January 2010

I aim to grow old disgracefully I have behaved well for long enough It is past time to enjoy some fun You are only as old as you feel

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nomad omnia 17 February 2010

I certainly did have fun - and laughed out loud at some of the images. Well done Meggie and friends. And I'm with Ivor, if i gotta get old, I'm going to make the most of it.

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Pamela lutwyche 16 August 2020

A good poem, lovely, fun, light, I liked it very much.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 28 December 2019

Superb write and very sharp humor, love the thoughts in this kyrielle poem. The last lines repeated gave the poem a lot of pizazz. Happy New Year Meggie.

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noice 16 April 2019

toit this is the 5th characher and I need 20 that is not noice and toit but those poems were noice and toit

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Feipeng Shang 30 October 2017

Don’t worry what others say Having fun reading this anyway......good!

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Spock The Vegan 21 April 2017

A fun and crazy poem. Well said. Thanks

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