Love Came To Flora Asking For A Flower Poem by Toru Dutt

Love Came To Flora Asking For A Flower

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Love came to Flora asking for a flower
That would of flowers be undisputed queen,
The lily and the rose, long, long had been
Rivals for that high honor. Bards of power
Had sung their claims. 'The rose can never tower
Like the pale lily with her Juno mien' -
'But is the lily lovelier?' Thus between
Flower-factions rang the strife in Psyche's bower.
'Give me a flower delicious as the rose
And stately as the lily in her pride' -
But of what color?' - 'Rose-red,' Love first chose,
Then prayed - 'No, lily-white - or, both provide;'
And Flora gave the lotus, 'rose-red' dyed,
And 'lily-white' - the queenliest flower that blows.

Susan Williams 20 January 2016

A flower for every occasion- a flower for every emotion- -a flower for every woman a man meets in the course of life. Made me smile to remember we live amid a rainbow of variety- be it flower, animal, men, women, thoughts, emotions.

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* Sunprincess * 20 January 2016

.....a wonderful favorite is the rose ★

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Ratnakar Mandlik 20 January 2016

Mind blowing narration of different shades of beauty of highest order displayed by rose, lily and lotus flowers. Thanks for sharing.

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M Asim Nehal 20 January 2016

A nice poem on flower, every flower is unique in shape, size, colour and utility yet some are used for a particular occasion.

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Rajnish Manga 07 October 2020

It has been my pleasure to read this lovely poem and to have translated the same into Hindi. I am posting it today for my own satisfaction and for others who would like to read it in Hindi.

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GISHNU 02 January 2019

Where is the explanations

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Digvijay 24 October 2018

Poem is very good

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Digvijay 24 October 2018

Poem is so nice

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Digvijay 24 October 2018

So nice poem

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