Love: Give Me All Your Sufferings Poem by Subrat Pradhan

Love: Give Me All Your Sufferings

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All are false
The tale of birth, next.
Give me
Whatever you want to
The life, the sorrow,
The body, the mind,
The youth.
I swear
I can not share you
With anybody
With any reason thereby
Falsely also, if anybody may say.

The sharing was over
Before my arrival
Your laughter, your crying, your fate
All were destined
Still I have kept my hands extended
With a hope to acquire your mind and heart.

With your saree
You had covered your face
And I was engaged in flute's melody
The flute knows to mesmerise really
You slip the rope
and the pot disappears into
The water of the deep well
Who cares for the mind
And its agony?

Robin Bennett 03 August 2012

I really love this! So beautiful, the images of the flute just make it so gentle and delicate in it's beauty. I do think this is one of my favorites from you! Great job!

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Swetha Vanakayalapati 02 August 2012

hope of acquiring mind and heart........interesting job......kudos.....

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Diane Hine 31 July 2012

Wonderful title and beautiful images in this lovely poem.

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