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Today with the fears alight,
Let my actions speak louder than my voice,
Let my conscience sings its inner voice,
in the crackling fires tonight!

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Silence At Daybreak

In darks, in prolific sands with sprinkles of rain,
Springs up a greening deed, the seed with a grin!

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, is a part

As If

in streets of tears, darkness as trees,
in graves lie dreams, agony rustles
as there comes a serein,
thy always brought up a rosarin!

In Bruises

Promises made in haste
slow to take an offence;
Thoughts slur through flowing tears,
pain meanders on passing memories;

Who Am I?

Let me put the words
What I feel atleast
This moment for thee…

Ur Indian

Days begin with praying hands
in holy waters to the deity
days forbidden in thy waters
unburnt bodies of dead;

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Thank you Hon'ble Romeo Della Valle for the comment.But I'm a female..Ms.Swetha. Apart from it the comment is all about my attitude and poetry that really encourages me to keep up my work. Great days ahead.

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Romeo Della Valle 28 May 2014

I have found in this young poet Swetha Wr the desire and determination to make it in the Poetry World! Mr. Swetha words are fluent and powerful, definitely, his talent is clearly shown in every one of his poems! As long as he keeps enriching the Poetry World with more writes and polishing himself by constantly reading and writing comments on other poet's works, his chance of becoming one day a well known and respected poet in the world! God Bless him! Regards from New York City Keep it up!

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