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In darks, in prolific sands with sprinkles of rain,
Springs up a greening deed, the seed with a grin!

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, is a part


in streets of tears, darkness as trees,
in graves lie dreams, agony rustles
as there comes a serein,
thy always brought up a rosarin!

Promises made in haste
slow to take an offence;
Thoughts slur through flowing tears,
pain meanders on passing memories;

Let me put the words
What I feel atleast
This moment for thee…

Days begin with praying hands
in holy waters to the deity
days forbidden in thy waters
unburnt bodies of dead;

If only beauty is woman and nature
I venture
to say you this:

a night....staggering with lakka bonanza,
often pursue I, after a girl baby sold,
working shadow glimpsed 'tis haunting eyes,
wobbling to the target.......

Ballet dance,
art lies in resilience.
with feet under grace!
Hold your silence for music in distance

Not from sky, from the art of nature,
i drove my grooves to flow with time!
I'm filled in the crisp crystals with care,
i have that purity darkness is ashame of!

A wisp of my hair is jury mast knot
with boundless time in each slot.
Touch of this far cry is damn brown
ecletic music i hear is fine drawn.

Surly sun
sweating feet in rock fragments,
water piling up
dredge my skin at fallen flowers,

The key to open doors of Heaven is.....
The residues of river flows on fertile lands is.....
Your pulse rate when a doctor says 'No problem' is....
The moonbeams in chalk smokes when a sir claims 'No class' is....

Ego inside of me
alerts vanishing things
while outside of me nets up
to nourish for vanishing things! !

Little little peals of pink
peel of my petty wander to savour sunshine de novo!
Of teeming pink,
i deem par greens under blues, the alter ego in spirits being in altar!

1.In the verses of venom
the blood of unquenching supremacy,
crested and perched
on meadowlands under

On your silence
my mind keeps me verbose!
On your warmth
my pain learns regrets!

that time i locked the door solely
to confirm between four walls,
that time dreams of aims evolved
sterile in my tiring eyes,

O my maiden dream!
u're my sacred bone,
i linger on dews of pain,
to leech on a dream of love! !

i pull off each of my vocal
to hinder this pain of betrayal
each nerve to surrender in quest
of this crackling pain, the deepest

mind seeks in silence is no just.
mind carries are no just.

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Today with the fears alight, Let my actions speak louder than my voice, Let my conscience sings its inner voice, in the crackling fires tonight!)

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Silence At Daybreak

In darks, in prolific sands with sprinkles of rain,
Springs up a greening deed, the seed with a grin!

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, is a part
Of plant, a silent kingdom; rivers visit
Pour waters to its stems to grow green;
Its painted in colours with sunlights strewn,
It plans climates and drives them in time;
Healthy it is to lead a team called forests
For guests ‘animals' to arrest in caress.

Seed with a grin, sighs rejoicing!
Prays for dawn to break in! !

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, outsiders
Search sweet aroma for food, so stand that side;
To erect in heights strong to direct rough winds,
to blow soft breezes in widths;
To grow in lengths, wood for home,
flute for music, all for kids;
if its unique, its cut down to bonsai art,
carried out to musuems, for all folks;

Seed with a grin, looks in..
For dawn in no mean! !

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, latex
Of it is as rubber in use, fibre of it use in textile;
To shine in daylights; enlighten a soul out of daydreams,
To dance in seasons with clinging flowers for pollens!
These positive notes energise medicine origins.
Roars of factories use electricity of coal,
From ur burrial sands, after many years long;
Further turn to crude petrol, for road vechiles' roll.

Seed with a grin, learns this grim!
In short, dawn breaks, seed breaks down! !

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Swetha Vanakayalapati 23 July 2014

Thank you Hon'ble Romeo Della Valle for the comment.But I'm a female..Ms.Swetha. Apart from it the comment is all about my attitude and poetry that really encourages me to keep up my work. Great days ahead.

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Romeo Della Valle 28 May 2014

I have found in this young poet Swetha Wr the desire and determination to make it in the Poetry World! Mr. Swetha words are fluent and powerful, definitely, his talent is clearly shown in every one of his poems! As long as he keeps enriching the Poetry World with more writes and polishing himself by constantly reading and writing comments on other poet's works, his chance of becoming one day a well known and respected poet in the world! God Bless him! Regards from New York City Keep it up!

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