Love Is Like A Beautiful Symphony Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Love Is Like A Beautiful Symphony

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Love is like a beautiful symphony
it depends on the ear who listens to it
Love is like the winterbreeze
it wishes to find its warmth and cozy surrounds

Love is like falling snow
it stays as long the earth wants it

Love is like a darkest night
it will always stay in you
since your heart is constantly lit

love is like a beautiful symphony

it stays in you perpetually
it knows you have
the ear
the emotive embodiment
and the heart
that sings with you permanently

love has no eyes
it finds its way to thee
it knows you have its lost key

and all the unsaid thing
for others not a worthy thing
for me your inside keeps sparkling

above all so sweetest tight
this loving Light!

I love thee unconditionally
good night baby

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Sunday morn
7 Feb 2021

Love Is Like A Beautiful Symphony
This is a translation of the poem Liefde Is Als Een Prachtige Symphony by Sylvia Frances Chan
Sunday, February 7, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: love,life
MAHTAB BANGALEE 07 February 2021

Love is an independent wing of thinking, feeling and wising; love is a symphony of heartiest harmony ot twin divine souls~ and love is the true poetic words

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