** Love Letters On The Sands Of Time **-In Top 500 Poem by ANJALI SINHA

** Love Letters On The Sands Of Time **-In Top 500

Rating: 4.3

From the blood of my heart
The words that I write
Each word that haemorrhaged
The chiseled groove of my heart did tell
my desires
Higher than the mountains
Deeper than the seas
Time will tell-it will tell

From the depths of my soul
The words that I scribble
Each word that catapulted fire
as sweat from my brow, like crystal beads
tell of my love
Greater than the sounds of thunder
Brighter than the flash of lightning
Time will tell -it will tell

From the ink of my sighs
The words fulminated
Each word that conjugated
Spelt with the fountains from my eyes
my passion does tell
On petaled papers of love
Enfolded and recounted
Not tossed to the storms
Or carried with the winds
Time will tell-it will tell



Himadari Jayasinghe 12 August 2009

Anjali, It's simply stunning.congrats! Im too busy to write a lengthy comment at the moment.But as soon as time permits me I'll do so.

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Lynn Glover 12 July 2009

A very good description of showing ones love for his/her lover. You chiseled at my heart wanting to read more. Very good A 10++++ Hey please try to read my 'A Tree' I think you may like it. Thanks, your friend in poetry. Lynn

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Ted M 12 July 2009

Nice piece of art, so very intense, the intensity is felt much after; a nicely crafted poem, polished and chiseled to perfection.

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Silent Speaker 12 July 2009

Beautiful....simply beautiful.

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Vinod Ak 13 July 2009

Fabulous poetry! Splendid choice of words and expression! 'Each word that haemorrhaged....' I can only say 'wwwowww'! ! ! 10+++++++++++

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Dr Shrikant 24 August 2018

This is fantastic poem I like and dedicated to my sweet jadu

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Ranjit Ravindran 03 November 2009

Honest revelation of your depth of feelings. Liked the entities you choose for comparision. Superb Anjali. A sweet 10. Ranjit.

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Jeremy Peyton 23 September 2009

this is a fantastic poem! .........thank you for sharing.........10

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Rachel Butler 20 September 2009

Each word that conjugated Spelt with the fountains from my eyes Rachel Ann Butler

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Anand Madhukar 10 September 2009

A beautiful piece, outstanding...

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