I Am The Creator Poem by ANJALI SINHA

I Am The Creator

Rating: 4.6

I am,
God the creator
Loving father,
Forgiving incarnate,
The most merciful and benevolent
The alpha and the omega
Austere but compassionate

I play ball with time
on playground of universe
And display fireworks
amidst colorful galaxies
Lo! Blazing sun my heater
Ah! soothing moon my cooler

My breakfast is stars
which I dip in tasty milky ways
My chariot
rainbow hued
variegated sun rays

Rings of Saturn
adorn my svelte fingers
With Mar’s redness my
my cheek blushes

Venus is my honeymoon house
Wherein I holiday with my nature-spouse
I sleep in clandestine dark holes
and wake up in bright supernovas

I travel on truculent storms of Jupiter
And clap in sound of thunderstorms
Lightning flash from my eyes
When I stare from angry skies

Earth is my live theatre
Wherein plays my human actors
I am reticent director
I am thesauraus script writer
I am God the esoteric creator

Randy Hogan 03 August 2009

Sublime beauty that sweeps me away to the stars......... 10++++++++++++++++++++

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Indira Renganathan 02 August 2009

Interesting flow of cosmic words...so just jovially, just jovially, may I call you 'Navagraha Naayaki'

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Reetessh Sabrr 10 August 2009

My poetgoddess the ultimate creator of the best ode to GOD!

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Harish K. Thakur 09 August 2009

ye vakai achhi hai hard astronomy brought t life ovrwhelsm the pain n strife...

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Shashendra Amalshan 07 August 2009

I should say this poem deserves to be in top 500... This is a different and innovative one by Anju, I know I did comment on this one earlier... I have studied many great works of great poets too, this one deserves a spot among the very best I think...... very powerful write.. I mean I haven't seen such a poem written by any one... Reading this poem has been a novel experience for me! ! ! ! congrats! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! with love shan

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Gautam Sen 07 March 2010

Read this poem very minutely and it is another beautiful projection of God's role, splendid imagery put into here and made a strong expression altogether. Yours is no less good and a ranked poem too. I've concentrated on Earth where you've covered up the whole galaxy. Thanks for sharing.10+ Gautam

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Clad with the great garment of compelling creativity. Well done my friend.10+

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Alf Hutchison 23 October 2009

Anjali a beautifull write indeed.fond regards Alf

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Anand Madhukar 21 September 2009

An awesome dedication to the Almighty. It reminded me of the Mahabharat where Krishna reveals His 'viraat roop' to Arjun on the battlefields of Kurukshetra.

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Ken E Hall 09 September 2009

A daily spoonful of cod liver oil an adiction from mum keeps me feeling good, but a spoonful of your poems excells everything your words are a sight for sore everything.....this poem soooo elegant++++++++10 regards

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