Möbius Strip Poem by Galina Italyanskaya

Möbius Strip

Rating: 5.0

One more car passed me by today
I am coming back, home and dry
It's a wonder, I know you pray
When it passes, you breathe a sigh

I would soothe your heart, but I can't
All is done for me, all is said
And I laugh as I hear: ‘Count
To a hundred and then forget'

Calculation has made me old
Sleepless nights to bewail my dream
What on earth keeps me in the world
Where I can't even talk to him?

He's so far, on another side
Not to penetrate, nor to flip
I can't reach him
Perhaps I might
If we lived on a Möbius strip

In my space I was left no choice
So I play with my lucky find,
Half-asleep, listening to your voice
Haunting melody in my mind

‘All I need is hope
That you'll be with me
Take my hand and hold
Hold me tight and live

All you need is faith
Leave your doubts and trust
We will find a place
Home for us'


(St. Petersburg, February 01 2014)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
C F 25 February 2019

A wonderful verse about a heartbreaking yearning for a love that could not be fulfilled. Why is it that thousands of chance meetings happen when one or both are not free to pursue a possibly ideal love because prior commitments have already been made? True love often comes in too late.

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Daniel Brick 27 November 2014

I like this poem! It moves steadily from frusatration to hope. The cars passing the speaker in the first stanza rermind us that's the way we reach people in today's world - racing to them in fast cars. But the speaker and her (what word to use?) main person are separated, not to be reunited. Unless this world had the flexibility of a Mobius Strip which would let them coast to a renedevous, just slip into a reunion. THEN the speaker remembers the power of virtues, and affirms both HOPE and FAITH as the forces which will reunite them. I can only have faith and hope this will be true, even for characters in a poem.

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Robert Green 26 November 2014

A wonderful expression of love.

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