Madam With Due Respect Poem by Akhtar Jawad

Madam With Due Respect

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With due respect, I am still thinking,
you might have defined love very well,
you might have defined life very well,
you might have defined time very well.
sorry to say, I don’t agree,
you teach me Philosophy,
you teach me Ethics,
you teach me Logic,
but I am busy in learning Human Psychology,
you are promoting a philosophy,
eat, drink and be merry.

You say today is real,
tomorrow is virtual,
may or may not come.
So suck all the charms of this lovely today.
Tonight the moon will be full,
a sexy night is ahead,
may we meet in a garden of sexy white flowers?
Jasmines, Queen of Night and many more,
or at a beach of violent tides,
where the naughty moon would be playing,
with the deep blue sea,
and stars on the blue skies,
would be smiling on the sexy show,
or somewhere else.
The student is now tired of theories,
he wants to go in a lab,
for the practical,
to test and verify your theory,
at a place where I can suck all your charms, all your beauty!
Can you become so much real and blue for me?

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: question
I now know you very well, so let me be more specific. I have been to Lahore for many years. Why don't you come out of the veils. I know you are a Muslim. Why you are using a Christian Pen Name? I have so many dear christian friends and they may take it otherwise. I may come to Shalimar Gardens, I may come to the Fort of Lahore, I may come at Meenar-e-Pakistan and I may come to your bed room even. Do you have enough courage to see me in your bed room? Off course not, then why you call me a coward? My photograph, an old man, and my age appearing on my page is an evidence that I don't want to deceive any one. That's all Madam.
Melvina Germain 09 October 2015

Clarity, meaningful and forthright, I call it...telling it like it is...this is a pouring out of heart and it is obvious with a vengeance. I like the bombastic way of putting oneself out there and the invitation of a night of reality was quite interesting to imagine. The imagery is phenomenal and carried beautifully all the way through... Love your poem Akhtar.....

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Hazel Durham 06 September 2015

Amazing imagery and a great theme that is thought provoking! Superb write!

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Rajnish Manga 30 August 2015

Your caustic words in the poem and also in the poet's notes convey much more than they appear to tell. Very meaningful advisory to impressionable young minds. Thanks.

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