This Tear Is For You - Mama Poem by Simon Odhiambo

This Tear Is For You - Mama

Men should not cry, you told me mama
And I will not, but will shed just a tear
Just to feel how you felt, when your tears flowed
Your cheeks were always wet, I recall dear mother
I could see the reflection, every time you faced away
Even though you hid it from me, your son not to see

I suckled your fingers Mama
When there was nothing from your bosom
Your fingers were salty, from the tears that you wiped
The salt gave me strength, and I slept like a baby
This tear is for you mama, even though am a man

I tasted your sweat too, Mummy
As you toiled to find food, and the sweat had to drip
Into my small mouth rolled this sweat, my pallate it tickled
And I smiled as I woke, I was safe on your chest
And I slept like a baby, and you smiled at your son

I would cry for you mama,
But a man should be strong
That is what you taught me, dear mother
Now I smile and I laugh and I love you my Mom
This one tear, only one tear ma, for you.

Charles Jagongo Ogola 29 November 2012

This poem has an element that touches... I like this poem.

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Asif Andalib 21 November 2012

It almost made me cry. So touching and wonderful poem. I love it

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Mabel A 28 October 2012

A tear! Only a tear! Wat a small yet precious gift full so much unspoken for such a remarkable woman.

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