Man And His Dog Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

Man And His Dog

Rating: 5.0

Here, here, here, Princess
My little puffball
My baby girl wants
a Christmas tree, yet
we can't have both, come
let me brush your silky mane
My, my, my girl!
May I manage the black streak
that waves your back?


Time is slowly gnawing away the years
that I can't hold back, nor the memories
Of when I was a tot
Depressingly, I'm not!
Don't howl girl, I feel your pains
Distressing your back and legs.
Sorry girl, time can't be turned back
Just slowly moving forward in my space

'Princess dig a hole
I'll bury your bones'

Beneath the ground
lay man and his dog.

[ I'm still pondering why I wrote this poem. My grand daughter wrote ('River, Tide, Run'on poem hunter by Ilana Sabio] before I wrote mine. She doesn't know why she wrote it ]

April 23,2010

A stream of consciousness, poem?
Pranab K Chakraborty 04 May 2010

I’ll sweep that Black streak that waves your back...... Someone on Earth tried to play chase with death (the timeless youth! !) and you try with different form and fascination. Here is the youthfulness of a creator. Till the last date of achieving destiny try to dig a hole where we all can bury the blackest prince 'The Death'. At least carry the torch as long as you can. Long you march Regards, prab

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Sheldon Saluta 04 May 2010

i like it so much! 10 for that it seems a story to me catchy one!

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Empathic poem ‘en memoir’ Retrieved from memory cache memory chip and blending one’s girlhood with the Princess Magically crafted… finish is ‘sufferingly yours’ 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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John Knight 05 May 2010

Hi Almedia - Does there have to be a reason to write a POEM? ? ? ? In my experience most POEMS arise from passing inspiration. After great personal deliberation - and consultation with third parties - my analysis is as follows: Verse ONE Pampered Puppy Verse TWO Dog and Dotage Verse THREE Death and Decay. Thanks for sharing - Love through Poetry - JOHN

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Very different, yet very good. Captivates as one reads. Seasons of life? Enjoyed; D

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Kesav Easwaran 17 May 2010

In many parts in the poem through out you live a grand daughter there Almedia...that's how the mind commands...imagination just obliging...nice composition...10

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Eyan Desir 11 May 2010

Good write Almedia.............................

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Yacov Mitchenko 09 May 2010

Hi Almedia. This reminds me of my mother's relationship with her 6 cats. There's sadness and loneliness conveyed in the poem. The narrator in some ways identifies with the dog. Both of them are experiencing pain, which they must accept. There's a wistfulness in recalling easier times, but there's no going back. The narrator is prepared for 'the change', however. I enjoyed reading it, Almedia.

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Princess dig a hole” I’ll bury your bones” Old age necessitates alteration… I’m prepared for the change Useless, beneath the ground. Man and his dog... how true your assertion is almedia... beautifully written and it is fact of the life.. i was moved with you sentence....10 read mine.. m in tears.. an advise to....

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