Cally A. Nixon

Rookie (9-17-93 / Kansas)

Maverick - Poem by Cally A. Nixon

I stopped laughing and joking,
When I saw my dog lying deathly still…
I glanced at his body once more,
And down my spine ran a fearsome chill.

I dashed to his side,
Tears distorting my sight…
I poured his water on him,
And shook him with all my might.

He gasped for another breath,
As I sighed…
Thankful that Maverick,
Hadn’t died.

I hollered for Dad,
And my friend dropped to her knees beside me…
I started to unclip the chain,
Then realized it was tangled on the tree.

My hands shook uncontrollably,
As I reached up to untangle his chain…
I prayed as my hands moved,
“God to this dog, you can’t lay claim.

took another ragged breath…
I knew that if I didn’t do something soon,
This would be his death.

Dad ran to me,
Trying to lift me out of the way…
Dad told me to go git the phone,
I left before I heard what else he had to say.

He called the vet,
Took Maverick’s temperature…
The number was probably high,
But I’m not sure.

Dad shouted orders,
I followed my orders and went for the sled…
Knowing that this was the only thing that would,
Keep his eyes from going dead.

We loaded him carefully,
Then pulled him too a ground temperature puddle…
Dad repeated that every thing was fine,
But I knew Maverick was in trouble.

His gasping had turned to,
A desperate wheeze…
I prayed frantically,
“God, don’t take him. Please! ”

My friend and sisters,
Went to fish…
I wanted to go,
But not letting Maverick die was all I could wish.

After a time,
Maverick’s breathing slowed and evened out…
I ran to the house,
“He might make it! ” was all I could shout.

I took Maverick from the mud,
Just as I was carefully laying him down…
His breathing got ragged,
My face turned from a happy grin to a frown.

I could tell I had made a mistake,
As I looked into his eyes that were starting to glaze…
I sat with his head on my knees,
My mind in a daze.

I recovered and screamed for Dad,
He came running through the door…
Dad saw Maverick’s shallow breathing,
Maverick’s efforts to breath were becoming poor.

I stood aside,
As Dad tried to bring Maverick back…
But Death,
Was a hard nut to crack.

I sank to the ground,
As Maverick let out his last lungful of air…
I put his head on my lap,
Dad tried to comfort me, but I didn’t care.

Maverick’s eyes,
Lost their light…
I still remember,
How I held him tight.

Begging him to,
Brighten his eyes again…
At that moment I knew,
Against God, I just couldn’t win.

I cursed God,
For taking my baby so soon…
I sat at Maverick’s grave,
My back to the full moon.

I still blame myself,
If only I hadn’t left…
I could have stopped God,
From making that one theft.

Maverick’s memories,
Remain in my heart…
And one other dog has been taken,
But Maverick dominates in my aching, loving part.

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